Friday, July 31, 2015

Helping the Now by Lord Buddha Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 31st July 2015- Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
In this moment you are everything you could ever wish to be and everything you would wish not to be. In this moment you have multiple opportunities available to you and no opportunities available to you. In this moment you are so much more than your physical body and yet you are only your physical body. This moment is as special and expansive as you allow it to be as well as being as limiting and depleting as you could imagine. When I say the words, ‘this moment,’ I am speaking of the present, the Now, in particular your present which is completely different on one level and completely the same on another level as other people on the Earth. You are only your present moment and yet your present moment can often be occupied with influences from your past and your future. I wish to say to you that it is ok to think of the past and the future, however I encourage you most of a ll to enjoy your present experience more than anything else.

You are always existing in a new present moment, this means that you are always in a process of creating. You are never without your experience of the present or your ability and involvement of creating from the space within you. The way that you allow yourself to perceive your present moment is influenced by the space you allow, create and acknowledge within your being. When the space within you is more truthful and aligned with the vibrations of the Creator or Universe then you are more able to be alert and attentive to your every present moment. I am speaking of acknowledging that within you is a glorious space filled with the blessings of the Creator; this in truth is your present moment within you. The energy of the Creator within can be acknowledged and expressed as a witnessing attentiveness. Not only are you witnessing your alert attentiveness to everything within and around y ou, you are attentive to your ability to witness the all-seeing and knowing aspect within you. This is the space within you, it the Creator, it is your present moment which can be projected from within into your reality. With this projection from within, your entire existence especially your physical body, senses, abilities and reactions become influenced, therefore encouraging you to see, sense and acknowledge that which you recognise within you outside of you. You could liken it to having a picture within you and recognising the same picture outside of you in your reality, once this connection has been made the ability to create more abundance of the same pictures and to develop them further activates, thus you are creating your truth. You are experiencing, creating and expressing the Creator and that sacred state of existence labelled, existing in the present moment.

Beloved masters, on the earthly plane, humans rejoice at the birth of a child, for it is indeed a miracle of creation, and they mourn the death of a loved one, for they feel a personal loss of that person from their midst. However, death is also a miracle and, from a spiritual point of view, it is a time of rejoicing, for it is a time of returning to a truer STATE OF BEING.

We have often spoken of diminished consciousness, and most of you are now aware that the ascension process entails expanding your awareness to integrate all the Facets of conscious expression. As you have often heard, you are not just a human being with a Soul; you are a wondrous Being who has experienced a tremendous variety of physical expressions of consciousness.

In ancient times, when you experienced the material realms in semi-solid or in solid form to varying degrees (while in the Higher-Fourth and Lower-Fifth Dimensions, either on Earth or other planets in your solar system or galaxy), you kept the same form for a much longer time than you do now. In fact, you kept the same physical vessel for thousands of years by your timekeeping. The transition process and the relinquishing of a physical vessel at the end of a lifetime were as natural as discarding a suit of old clothes. Death as you now know it did not exist until humanity sank into the density of the Lower Fourth and Third Dimensions, and you forgot that your sojourn on Earth was only a very small interlude amongst a vast array of experiences while on your wondrous journey throughout the cosmos.

After a special farewell ceremony, the departing Soul stepped into a special Fountain of Transition where the Violet Flame of Transformation blazed brightly (the Violet Flame is not hot as you may imagine, but cool and soothing). Then he/she was immediately transported to the appropriate Higher Dimensional environment.
Those who were left behind in the physical realm could communicate telepathically with their departed loved ones, and they knew that they would meet again sometime in the future. They also knew that they could interact while in their Etheric Body with their loved ones during their nightly sojourns, for their nightly travels were as real and memorable as their daytime experiences.

Selacia: Find Inner Peace at 7/31/15 Full Moon

Two full moons in July, with their expansive and cumulative effect, can help you amplify the good you have put in motion this month. With Friday’s full moon just around the corner, you want to be present to what you have intended and energize your aspirations. Do this now and even throughout the weekend as we sit in the window of this Aquarius full moon.

Energizing Your Aspirations

Being present to what you want to create is a key factor in your success. Right now, consider up to three goals you set in early July. Name them out loud. Visualize each of them as having manifested in present time. Imagine yourself enjoying the fruits of each one, feeling it in your body and in your heart center. Do this even for things that may be unfolding in stages over the coming weeks.

At this particular full moon, you may become even more aware of a time warp and the constant acceleration in the pace of your life. Those factors have been ongoing in the background for a while already.

Full Moon Effect

When we have a full moon, however, you may feel these things more – and in a really visceral way. For no rational reason, you may feel like you have lost track of time or like you missed an appointment that’s not even on your schedule until tomorrow.

You may be checking your phone more often, too, sensing that a call or text has come in earlier than expected. Your gut may tell you to do this, perhaps because a project you’ve been energizing and working towards is about to get a green light! Since timing can be everything with such things, be mindful and ready to act on incoming communications. Even with things not quite ready to culminate, when you place your focus on them now, you can add a vital energetic push.

Wake up Call: St. Germain, by Nancy Tate July 30, 2015
I am St. Germain, with you once again through this one, and I have some news for you. There is, as I an speaking, an ongoing trade off of the funds that will be circulating around the globe in the time it takes for all of the circuits of sharing to be clear and open to those who are in the mode of a humanitarian blessing coming their way.

I tell you this now because when it came to me that you are all in the process of seeing the truth of what you desire and what you are being told, I also saw that you have been given the word that things are beginning to slow down because of the need for more security. This my dear ones is true and it provides the assumption that so many of the ones who are behind the holdups will take their ground again and run off with the moneys again.

This my dear family is not going to happen. No more are they going to be able to take back and squander the funds in the ways they have been doing. They are no longer in positions where they were, even two months ago. They are now operating from behind closed doors. Those doors are locked by the ones on this planet who are taking so many steps to assure that the cabal does not ever have power here again.

When the cabal gathered together to strike against the people, they did so with the ideas in mind of not only what they would do with the moneys, but also with the idea of being in control of so much more than the moneys. This gave them actually a weaker defense in order to gain strength in the long run. What they did not realize is that now that the people are awakening to what has been going on behind the scenes for so many years, they are seeing the power they have to change the pictures and bring themselves back into the power that was taken from them. They are realizing that their power is the most important, and is stronger than any of the things that have been done in the energy of fear. Yes, though it may not have seemed like fear to even those who operated in it, there were so many instances in which fear was at the uppermost in the reasons that they took the steps they took throughout their supposed mastery of the people.

Harmonizations come forth as chaotic envelopes are transcended by GaiaPortal 7/30/15

Harmonizations come forth as chaotic envelopes are transcended.

Flairs of brilliance succeed flares of emergence.

Strains of solidness are experienced and exposed.

Venerations of True Counsel are realized.

Moderations relax.

Heaven enters.

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Mary Magdalene and Yeshua ~ Creation and Manifestation ~ Mixing the Palette of your Love Essence ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda 7/29/15
Received July 27, 2015

Hello Dear Ones. We Are Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, and we bow before you, together. The Sweet Pure Love Essence that we are, our energies entwined together, we offer to you now for your inherent manifestation. This Sweet Pure Love Essence that you are is there, and is magnified now in our Presence, if you allow it.

Within that is Creation, and Manifestation of that Creation, ever-entwined and ever-present for you to realize.

Dear Ones, feel us now as we enter into your space, awakening all that is there in Pure Love Essence, waiting to manifest in Purity and Harmony in your merging with your higher aspects, in your merging with your Divinity, with your further emergence of the Divine Love that is your essence.

The sweetness of your BEing, we applaud. The sweetness of your Being, we mirror, and evoke and invoke as you let go and surrender to the Sweet Pure Love Essence that you are.

Intertwined as we are, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, intertwined as you are, of your Masculine and Feminine, in your divine emergence and merging of your True Selves, part and parcel of who you are, in eternity, in unity with Creator, and evermore manifest in Pure Love Essence, you accept this quality of you, this quality and essence of Creator, to be your own.

No longer is there disparity, no longer is there separation, as you bask in the Love of your own Creation and spread it to others.

As you know, everything comes from Love, sweet dear ones. It is your essence. It is your Reality as you allow it to emerge within every thought, every action and every utterance.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7/28/2015
I Muluk, 2 Pop, 12 Manik

Dratzo! Much is happening! The various processes chosen by our earthly allies have received working schedules. As usual, a set committee meets at infrequent times with the dark cabal. In these meetings, our earthly allies provide the dark’s emissaries with a series of ultimatums. These ultimatums are usually based upon a series of legal decisions that prove the dark is basically bankrupt and lacks its own oomph to carry out senseless military actions. In short, world opinion is turning solidly against them. The ancient families in particular possess formal IOUs, which have the power to prove the utter weakness of the dark’s fiat monetary system. The dark realizes just how fragile their position is. The end time for this cabal draws ever closer. The ancient families wish to create not only a new system, but as well to create global conditions for the new consciousness to grow and flourish. We constantly remind them that the poor masses of humanity that cover this globe are dying and in pain. Their reply to us is that a process for change is under way and gaining momentum. There is to be a time for everything. We reply that Heaven as well has a most glorious agenda!

When the Atlanteans so ungratefully abandoned humanity, the people were left to starve and eventually die. In this instance the Anunnaki arrived and under a strict agreement with Heaven partially rose up the people and put them under the heinous yoke of their dark rule. Your ancestors were at first appreciative of their help. Deep in their hearts they vaguely knew what had so capriciously occurred. These new dark ones were attempting to replace the Atlanteans and erase their memories of who they really were. This troubled your ancestors as they realized that something wonderful needed to happen to return them to their former state. Eventually as the millennia passed, your ancestors adapted to this limited reality. The golden ages after Atlantis proved to most of your ancestors that there were some rewards for supplication. Nevertheless, the hope of those who remembered the old world was a constant mantra for Heaven to send a true champion. We were secretly appointed to watch over you and await further instructions.

Feeling Stuck? – The Council by Ron Head 7/27/15

Oracles and Healers
Once again we will re-visit a subject we have spoken of before. We hear so many of you who are on your paths saying “I’m stuck. Nothing is happening.” And we are addressing this through many of our channels once again. In order to make sense of our answer you will need to accept our interpretation of your circumstances, and this is usually something we do not like asking you to do. We would rather tell you to look around and reassess what you see. But in this case, there is yet not much for you to see. That is really what is causing your feeling. If you could see what we see, you would not feel the way that you do.

Regardless of what personal path you are living, your communal goals for this lifetime are those involving the ascension of yourselves and your planet and civilization. You will have feelings that involve your personal situation. You will also have much more nebulous, but still powerful feelings which relate to the current collective state of consciousness. That is, in fact, what you are experiencing at this time. And this begs the question, “What state of consciousness are you referring to?”

There are those who are telling you that you are standing upon the threshold of an immense change in almost every facet of your world. They are telling you that your own internal changes will be just as monumental. You have been told that the waiting has gone on long enough, and you have agreed with this. You have actually replied that wish it to begin now. Well, my friends, you are about to get your wish.

You are in a time of releasing and clearing. You are in a time of rest. You are gathering yourselves for the great leap that approaches. We see it. You do not. If you did, you would be quite happy to have this period. The parts of you that are still on this side of the ‘veil’ understand. You should be aware by now that the parts of yourselves of which you are aware, at least for the greatest percentage of you, are actually only a very small part of your totality. Changing that is in great part what ascension is all about. And that is happening.

Message from Montague Keen - July 26, 2015

The solution to the world's problems lies in your own hands. I have pleaded with you, many times, to take back the sacred energy that runs through the ley lines. It is because the Cabal usurped this energy that they were able to gain control over humanity. They wrote the books that you have lived by, thus controlling your minds. They created MONEY and so gained control over every country. Through money, they made you their SLAVES, working long hours in order to buy food and shelter. Returning home only to sit in front of your very own prison guard, their most successful MIND CONTROL operation, that keeps you asleep, ensuring that you acquire all that you are made to believe you need, thereby making them very rich. It is all a huge con, and you have been victims since birth.

But those who control you, want more. They want the Earth, all for themselves, so that they no longer have to take human shape in order to walk amongst you. Their plan to cull the human race is out there, for all to see. They do not have a need to hide anything because you chose to remain asleep. Your reluctance to face what is being done to you, shocks me. All the evidence is at your fingertips. Their plans to put troops on the streets, are out there, for all to see. This is crunch time. Come together and say, "No, I will not kill my fellow human beings, or hurt them so that you can take control."

I passed to spirit in 2004. Since then, I have tried, through Veronica, to open your eyes, to help you understand who you are, and to see what you are up against. How many times have I pointed out that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Galactic Wave of Love by Cobra 7/26/15

In the center of our Galaxy, there is a huge double star, the source of Light and life for this Galaxy, the Galactic Goddess, the Pleroma, the Galactic Central Sun. It breathes and pulses with a regular rhythm, each heartbeat taking 26,000 years to complete. Every time the Galactic heart beats, the Galactic center sends a wave of highly charged physical and non-physical particles throughout the Galaxy.

This Galactic heart beat has entrained the precession of the Earth axis to align with the 26,000 year cycle:

We are approaching a Galactic wave right now and it will culminate in the Event.

Previous Galactic pulses have been quite intense, as it has been very accurately described by Paul LaViolette:

He and many other people are expecting the current Galactic pulse to be quite intense:

Creating the New Divine Human and Erasing Traces of Fear by Saint Germain and Serapis Bey Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 24th July 2015- Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
It is with the vibration of clarity we greet you, bringing forth clarity to your mental body and entire being. We come forth with great volumes of supreme light to be anchored into your being and creation, please allow yourself to be receptive to our presence and energy.

Clarity is a quality being expressed by the Creator and distributed through us, Saint Germain and Serapis Bey; its purpose is to bring focus and balance to your entire being thus creating peace and harmony within. From such a state, abilities of contemplating expansion and existence beyond the Earth can be more fully obtained. One is able to contemplate beyond illusion, accepting both the truth of the Creator and misconception to form an aligned and truthful awareness to be anchored into the Era of Love. No longer can illusions or misconceptions be tolerated within your being or reality, instead they are required to be accepted without reaction and lovingly discarded when necessary. It is your reactions and responses to illusions and misconceptions which the vibration of clarity wishes to lessen and dissolve within you, thus false impressions will become amusing with very little hold or influen ce upon you.

We invite you in the coming days and for as long as you wish to call upon us, Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, to anchor the vibration of clarity we are distributing from the Creator. Let yourself often feel aglow with clarity as if the light vibration of clarity is pulsating throughout your entire being. This will allow many alignments which are necessary within your mental body to take place encouraging a greater divine awareness and perspective.

SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey 7/24/15
As always so much is taking place on Earth of which you are not directly aware. The outer signs are around you and in general people sense the changes that are taking place. They may not know what they are at this time but they feel the subtle difference in the energies around you. With them is a feeling of the changes that are verging on manifestation, and felt as being very positive. Matters will continue like this and continue to grow until eventually there will be an upliftment that can be felt. Some will nevertheless be unaware, but those of you who have been working to raise your vibrations will without doubt do so. It may well be your first positive feeling of the changes, and we know that many will feel uplifted by what takes place. They shall continue and there will be no going back to the old lower vibrations.

You can hardly have not noticed that many regimes are having difficulty in maintaining their hold over the people. This will continue until the old ways have broken up and then new ones can be introduced. Many souls have incarnated at this time for that very reason, and simply wait their opportunity to lead the people into the New Age. Much has already been planned and awaits the right time to be introduced. Be assured that once the changes start in earnest, they will come very quickly. All around you are increasing signs that clearly show the inadequacy of the old systems and the breakdown of your economies that cannot continue in their present form. The solutions have been found and when the right opportunity arises for them to be introduced, you will find that progress will suddenly take a quantum leap forward.

Those who have a vested interest in keeping to the old ways will fight change, but to no avail as the plan is for changes that will lead you ever onwards. Some will perceive that the new can only come into being when the old has been removed, and will try to delay progress. They can only have a limited effect on the issues in hand, as the mould has been set. So much is on hold just waiting for the moment it can be introduced. Because they lack understanding many are distressed by what they happening as the old breaks up. However, when they can see further ahead they will grasp the significance of what is taking place. The changes will be more far reaching than you could have imagined, but are necessary to speed up your upliftment into the higher vibrations.

Illumination and Inspiration: from Yeshua, channeled by Fran Zepeda, July 23, 2015
Note from Fran: This morning I awoke feeling a little down, mostly just feeling emptiness with a little emotion and depression mixed in, desiring inspiration for myself and others who may need it, and I felt Yeshua’s energy, transmitting the following, and I share it with you in hopes that it will inspire you as well:


“All you can be is Love and Light in the Moment.

In that, is all there is. In that, is all-encompassing.

It is fortuitous that you chose life in this world, for all is encompassed in that. So live in this moment. Bring your Love and Light to fruition. Bring it full bloom, at full capacity.

And there you shall have completeness and wholeness. There is nothing else but This Moment. So fill it with as much Love and Light as you can bear.

Oh, dear one, there you have it. Now go about your day in this Light, in this Illumination.

Remember that all the thoughts floating around you are just a reminder of what you are leaving behind, mere fodder for divine inspiration and illumination into your higher consciousness.

So be present with your higher consciousness. That is what shall drive your day in the highest.


Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

Wake up Call: St. Germain, by Nancy Tate July 23, 2015
I am here today to let you know that there is much going on behind the scenes that will lead to a very familiar way of being on this planet. The way of living that I am referring to is from the historical pieces of information and data from the records and books that have been not only in storage and discovered, but in the memories of those who are able to tune in to the past. As we go forward in the revealing of these pieces of the earth history, we will feel very familiar to them, as if they just happened yesterday, or tomorrow. Yes, I say tomorrow, for as many of you have been feeling, the idea of time is irrelevant. It is a concept of time that is no longer what it was even a week ago. It is the placement of the events and experiences in our lives that is the deciding factor for how it is, or will affect us in the moment that we are feeling or living it.

I realize that some people may not be able to tune in to these words, however they will at some point in their lives say, "Oh, that was what he was saying. St Germain was telling me what my future will feel like, and I thought he was crazy. But now I understand." This, my dear ones is what is taking place in many ways around this globe.

Another piece of information that I'm sure you want to hear is that the funds that will be being distributed around the world are in the process right now of being sent through the various pathways to the ones who will be finding them in their accounts. They will be deciding any changes that might take place for them to be used to welcome comfort into their lives, and for others as well. It is something that I have been seeing is in the works and has gone through countless diversions. Now I see what I was projecting would come about in the early stages of the creation of the instant wealth that would bring to the people a different idea of what money means to them. So many of them have felt that the power of money is the most powerful energy on the planet. That is because they have not had what they consider to be enough for the kind of life that they know they desire and deserve. Now is the coming situation for that all to change. With the huge amount of money in their accounts they will have a whole different slant on what it means to them and to others. Every individual will experience what that says to them. It is not for me to say it, or even feel that I know what it would mean. We can speak from our own experience and interpretation of it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7/21/2015
7 Ik, 0 Vayeb, 11 Ik
Dratzo! The world is beginning to “crack” into two major parts! The dark cabal is furiously as well as unsuccessfully, working to maintain its millennia-long advantages. These traditions are straining under the forces of the Light’s broad legal attack. There are as well limitations being forced upon the dark’s fraudulent worldwide banking networks. Almost weekly, the dark attempts to create a situation that can eventually lead to war. These strategies are as well failing. In fact, a pattern of gradual collapse is now the norm for this cabal and its many minions. Meanwhile, our earthly allies are jointly discussing how best to finish off this former group of global power brokers. A new monetary system awaits the time for its formal declaration. This proclamation is likewise waiting for the final grand push, which is becoming a sure fait accompli for the Light. What is presently missing is the addition of the governmental portion of this growing grand alliance. In many major governments, those in charge are currently arranging for the needed redirection of governance that is to restore the rights of their people and permit a series of major arrests to happen.

The stage is being set for a true quiet revolution, which is to allow your world to return to a state of peace and unheard of cooperation. The dark shudders daily at the degree of progress that our earthly allies are steadily making. This story is still mostly unheard by you as it is surrounded by a vast cloud of dark misinformation. The idea is to confuse the masses by maintaining through lies that nothing has really changed. We deeply wish to rise above this set of “smoke and mirrors". We repeatedly ask our earthly allies to disclose at least in part what is truly happening. Their reply is that this great disinformation helps them by making the cabal believe that its odd strategy is somehow working. It allows them as well to move forward in their unique surreptitious manner and at the right time to spring a new reality on the dark cabal's leadership. We feel instead that a more up-front campaign can work as well, as it can keep you somewhat “in the loop." The earthly Light forces continue to stay adamant that it is basically a self-defeating strategy due to the nature of how the cabal operates.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Message from Montague on Sunday 19 July 2015

My friends, you are in a battle for your very existence. You are only just waking up to this fact. The whole idea of politics was designed to attract you to the idea that someone that you elected would then work on your behalf. Humanity was sucked into the notion that these people would represent your interests. How wrong was that decision? Now you must put it right. You now know that this was just a scam to lull you into a false sense of security. You handed your power to those you elected. You trusted the wrong people, both in politics and religion. You were very skilfully manipulated into accepting that you no longer had power of your own. That is when the mind control and the manipulation of mankind began, that thankfully, you are now waking up to. Yes, it is hard to believe that all the time, the ones you had trusted, were plotting against you.

You watched as your food was poisoned, your water poisoned, and medication was forced on you, and you just said, "What can I do about it?" You watched the chemtrails and could not believe that they would do this to harm you. You must quickly snap out of this way of thinking. Together, you can stop the killing of the human race. The moment that you decide not to participate in the killing, it will stop.

You fly their planes. You produce their chemicals. You fight their wars. Where would they be without you? All this would cease the moment you stop supporting it. Wake up and explore the truth, for the information is all there, about the weapons that are being used against you.

All this is AI-controlled. It is alien technology that they brought into your world to cull humanity, and you foolishly bought into it. Now, you must refuse to cooperate with it. The Cabal is helpless; they now find that they cannot deactivate the Ais.

Message from the Arcturian Group 7/19/15
Greetings from the Arcturian Group. Know that everything is proceeding according to plan, and be not afraid dear ones, for the many changes and upheavals happening on earth at this time are all proof of the shifting energy of evolution. Remember as you observe chaos taking place in the world, that what has become old, more often than not, only leaves after a great deal of resistance.

We wish to speak today of change, a topic we have spoken of before. There are many who as of yet do not associate needed change with personal change. These dear ones see and work toward change in politics, religion, and government, but do not realize that they themselves are the politics, religion, and government. Outer change can only manifest from the substance from which it is formed--consciousness.

You as creators, have over time created many different three dimensional worlds, each manifesting the belief system and consensus consciousness of the times. When enough people awaken, the enlightened world consciousness will once again shift the dynamic of the whole, for consciousness and its manifestation are one and the same. Notice that as concepts and beliefs change (states of consciousness) laws and acceptable ways of living also change.

Change is extremely difficult for those who find security and comfort in sameness. It is very easy to rest back in ways that up to now have worked to bring a level of harmony and peace regardless of how it was accomplished. These dear ones struggle and resist, and often without thought automatically bring judgement and criticism to any suggestions of change in their personal world or the world in general. This is an expression of fear.

Interview with COBRA by Rob Potter - July 13, 2015 [with SUBTITLES]
Intro- Rob – Hello folks, this is Rob Potter your host, from the Victory of Light radio show.  It’s an honor to be here today.  I’m  humbled and grateful to all of you who are tuning in and listening, not only to the Cobra interviews, but to other shows.  Many of you have sent me many wonderful letters, many e-mails about your stories and information and kind support. I apologize, I’ve been very busy and I’ve have not been able to get back to you personally.  I want you to know, everyone who tells me a story, a painful story, my heart goes out to you, I have compassion.  I love and respect you all.  I want you to know if you just hang in there a little longer and continue in our unconditional love and non judgmentalism.  Don’t look to me as an example of that, but if we keep on that path the best we can and auto-correct ourself, the world’s going to become a better place really soon.  We’ll be right with your Cobra interview.  This is my largest interview.  I do need to get some information out.  I need to thank Rique Seraphico for his find sound editing.  I need to thank Danell Glade for her fine transcribing.  Mr Sam Richie the English professor who’s schooling me on dangling participles and comma’s who does a wonderful job editing the final transcript.  And of course Smaly who does a fine video recording.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

ECETI News update by James Gilliland 7/17/15

Greetings, this is James and it has been a while since the last update. The abassador training and the big conference are over yet we still have events planned into October with Laura Eisenhower, Dr Dream, Winston Shrout, Myself and Tashina, Randy Kramer etc. Check out www.privateinvitationeceti.COM for more information or email us at

Also dont miss the upcoming Shasta Conference August 19th with Rob Potter also on the upcoming events site. Both the Ambassador Training and the conference went very well with high attendance. The ships played their part with ariel displays and powerups engaging those who had the sensitivity on the inner planes. The lion beings from Sirius, Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light, Andromedans and the Blue Avians all paid a visit during the Ambassador Training. Last night three massive ships came in together along with other ships earlier putting on quite a display. Clyde Lewis with Ground Zero will be here this Friday night doing a live broadcast and I will also be going live with my live broadcast on BBS radio. Station 1 8pm pst. As many know I have been out of touch lately due to several reasons. One I am working on major global projects which must remain undisclosed but I assure you it is awesome news. We also lost our internet due to lightning followed by my computer loosing its hard drive. We have been doing 8 to 9 counselings in one day which takes a lot out of me followed by radios shows and meetings in between. None the less I will have to start pacing myself to rebuild my own energies. We have had low flying c-130s, military jets and helicopters buzzing the ranch.

There have been 12 helicopters in one day at tree top level. Obviously someone is interested in the ongoing contact at ECETI. For those debunkers who like to discount the overwhelming evidence of ongoing contact I would have to ask why all the military interest if nothing is happening here? There has also been massive chemtrail spraying all over the globe. We are receiving reports that top brass military people have been given the orders to eradicate myself and others using the chemtrail program and other exotic weapons. Amazing what drunk military officials will say at parties. Little do they know the universe has ways of making sure this information gets to the right people. The universe also has a way of holding them responsible for breaking their oath, treasonous acts, and warring on the very people they have sworn to protect. These are very sick people in high places who have no honor. The war on innocent women, children, nature herself as part of a draconian agenda with absolutely no respect for life. My question is why are so many oath keepers following their orders? In the days to come they will all be held accountable. I would not want to have their light review in their passing. They will face their deeds both here and in the hereafter. It is better to make the shift now and align oneself with Universal Law it is never to late to make amends and it will look good in your light review. There are forces at hand which will put and end to tyranny. It is coming very soon so it is best to not procrastinate. That is all for the moment, stay turned awesome things unfolding.

Be well:
James Gilliland

Light Strand Synthesis By the Dolphin Essence Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17th July 2015- Original Source Sacred School of OmNa
We, the Dolphin essence come forth to lend our energy and support, we collectively reside and herald from Sirius, this is not the same for all aspects of the Dolphin Essence. We bring forth to you a wise and powerful consciousness, a synthesis of the Dolphin Essence and vibrations of Sirius. Greetings and love is expressed to all.

Synthesis of light is a powerful and essential aspect of ascension, it is something you are contemplating and experiencing all the time and yet synthesis of light has become prominent in the current processes of ascension. The presence of the Crystalline Kingdom Light anchoring in full flow into the Earth and humanity signifies a deeper awakening and activation of light synthesis within all. The Crystalline vibrations bring spirit, light, love and the divine into manifestation as material and physical aspects of the Earthly world.

More than ever before the Earth and humanity are merging with the Creator. Souls are opening up to experience light synthesis, this is calling many old, present and new energies to the Earth to experience their necessary integration. All that is the Creator and wishes to be a part of the Era of Love is being called forth to build a new network of light within the Earth and each physical being. This will create a beautiful outcome of united integrated powerful loving energies. The journey to the outcome of beauty will require great acceptance and a focus upon one’s divine intuition. As all of humanity and Mother Earth mostly unconsciously rebuild the networks of light within the Earth and humanity, this will mean that numerous different aspects of the Creator are exposed. You may discover that each person you connect with or groups of people you are aware of have different concep ts concerning the Creator, they are moving along a very diverse pathway to the Creator compared to you. It will be akin to the many different faces of the Creator and pathways to the Creator residing upon the Earth and maybe even simultaneously demonstrated through your being. All pathways of the Creator will be shown to you as the networks of light are reformed for the new Era of Love to more fully anchor and an outcome of beauty to take place. This is where the energy of acceptance is required, encouraging you to consciously and lovingly respect each aspect and pathway of the Creator. This process is all the appropriate energies of the universe merging to create a new reality and stage of ascension upon the Earth.