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Discernment and How It Applies to These Times – The Council by Ron Head 2/11/16
The Council

Our channel has been asked about the subject of discernment and how it applies to these times. We will take that as an indirect question to us, as well. He brought us the subject and we agree as to its import.

We have spoken before on this subject and this will begin by covering the same ground. That is alright. Your ‘software’ is updated each time you read something again. It is just as though you were practicing a sport or a musical instrument. Pathways in your nervous system are built, strengthened, and perhaps corrected each time. So we urge you to not skip over things just because you are acquainted with them. Do you not see things differently each time you read your favorite book? It happens because you are different than the one who read it last time.

So – discernment. You are entering very critical times for humanity and for yourselves. This will have different effects on each person. But it will also bring to the fore the dedicated lightworkers who have seriously intended to raise their frequencies, to learn to love themselves and others, and to contribute whatever they personally could to the rise in the collective consciousness.

It will also bring to the fore many who have used others, who are totally misguided, and who want to ‘make a buck’, as you put it. There will information for those who need it that is based on love and inclusion. There will be much also that is based upon fear. This is why it will so very important for each of you to have polished your inherent abilities of discernment.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 2/9/2015
2 Chicchan, 18 Yax, 12 Manik
Selamat Jalwa! We have received good news! The delivery process continues to move forward. As always, this process is made more complex by the fact that the dark cabal fully realizes what is now happening across this globe. The forces of the Light are using the edge gained by the actions of its allies and associates to force this cabal from power. Long ago, when their Anunnuki masters were overlords of this surface world, such activities as we are presently proceeding with were, of course, impossible. These dark oligarchs were not counting on what a number of grievous mistakes brought them. They are on the verge of a great downfall, which is to give you a new time filled with freedom, prosperity and a rising responsibility to maintain this glorious system. This operation has taken longer than was first expected. This is due in part to the remaining abilities of these devious fiends. Their coming destruction spells the final end to a cover-up that has kept us from interacting on the scale we originally wished for. They used this cover-up to create a secret governance, which almost defeated the intentions of Heaven.

This power was initially something we had to secretly overcome in order to carry out Heaven's sacred decrees. It was a most difficult task since we were unable to use a number of strategies that we had been able to employ in many previous off-world scenarios against the dark. This time was one where most of you did not fully comprehend why we were here and why we had come in such great numbers. Thus, we needed to adopt a number of processes through our liaisons to win over those of the Light who had long opposed the tactics of the dark. These many secret organizations were watched over by your Ascended Masters who mostly resided in the Inner Earth realm of Agartha. The Agarthans frankly used their broad influence to allow us to gain a number of confidences. These were vital in putting us in the position that we are in today. We thank those of the Light who enabled us to come here and set up programs that are currently leading to your grand victory. Shortly, we intend to introduce ourselves to you and then to explain how you are to become fully consciousness.

Wake up Call: St. Germain, by Nancy Tate February 09, 2016
It has been quite a day on the money front. It is swirling around the disciples who are putting it all together for the distribution. I have been part of it, and as I interact with various ones who are at the forefront, they confide in me that there is coming a huge turnover for all of the people on the planet. They are saying to various individuals that there is coming a time when there will be no greed, no sustenance that is not satisfied, no need for anything except to be in the Love energy that is beginning to elevate around the globe.

This is the time for change. As it unfolds there will be tremendous opportunities for all of you to become that which you have dreamt of being. You will find that as the new ways of being unfold there will be less and less obstacles that will be met. There will come the day when there will be complete freedom in the path of everyone who comes down the pike in the new energy of Love that is creating abundance as I speak.

Yes, it is already in the hallways and byways in so many ways. It is being released in various ways to certain individuals for the distribution to be made with no danger of interference. That has been one of the most important parts of this whole process, as I’m sure you understand it needs to be. There will be a tremendous change in humanity when it comes to the point that the need for money to have a happy life will be in the background.

Nova Gaia grids descend by GaiaPortal 2/9/16

Nova Gaia grids descend.

Implantations of foreigns flee.

Stagnations are cracked as Higher Elements impress.

Stresses of Higher Energetics clear the way.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

January Monthly Update by Cobra 2/7/16

With a short delay, I am posting the December monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter. You can read the transcript if you scroll down the page on the following link:

The Youtube audio version is available here:

You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

An update about the Disclosure Petition will be posted soon.

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Beloved Ones,

The only constant during these times is change - and one must be ready and willing to move into the direction that one’s reality mirrors back to them as it occurs. By following these signs that show the way, one begins to live a life of cosmic adventure which becomes filled with wondrous synchronicities and occurrences. You must be willing to release old patterns, energies and material holdings when their use, enjoyment and implementation in your life have been fulfilled. In these times, it becomes necessary to do regular purging of many items which have outlived their usefulness and the willingness to pass them on to others who can still benefit from them. Know that the universe always replaces them with something even better and more befitting your soul’s expansion into broader horizons of illuminated living.

This practice of regular culling of everything in your life that has old and stale energies will reward you a million times over. You will be amazed at the magnificence that rushes in to take its place. As you begin to understand the concepts of healthy detachment from the things of the physical world, you regain the sense of personal freedom and liberation to live a more sovereign and abundant life. You begin to realize that things are nice to have and enjoy in your life but that once their purpose is done, it is easy to let them go. You begin to know that the world you live in is very rich and that there is always more than enough for all. This also opens up avenues of creativity that may have been blocked before. In every sense, your feeling of aliveness in every moment is increased exponentially.

You are, each one of you, incredibly powerful energy fields of Love. by John Smallman 2/7/16
Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday February 7th

On Earth chaos seems to be erupting in many places like volcanoes! Change is accelerating as awareness also erupts due to whistle blowers and alternate news web sites publishing information that has long been kept secret as part of the intention by the very few to control and enslave the rest of humanity. This new awareness cannot be contained. There are organizations intent on crushing it or ridiculing it in order to prevent the old order from collapsing.

However, due to the ongoing enormously expanding communication abilities allowing anyone to communicate instantly with anyone else anywhere on the planet, dark and sinister secrets can no longer be kept hidden. Consequently those who have for eons been used and abused by those who have taken power by stealth and corruption are now becoming evermore aware of how their trust in authority has been exploited and used against them. And they are refusing to allow it to continue.

The old order is utterly dependent on willing men and women in the police forces, intelligence agencies, and the military who will unquestioningly carry out the orders of their superiors. These men and women are now realizing that they are the ones with the power, and they are asking questions and demanding honest and responsible answers as to why they should follow orders commanding them to control, disperse or destroy other human beings. And of course there are no answers that can possibly justify those orders.

Much of the chaos and confusion that is being reported in the mainstream media is arising as a result of the unwillingness of many varied groups of humans all over the planet, often employed by the police forces, the intelligence agencies, or the military, to continue cooperating with the authoritarian forces that have been in control for so long. Seeing, often for the first time, how they have been so systematically controlled and manipulated over the eons, they are now absolutely refusing to cooperate with the “authorities” who have and wish to continue removing or crushing the God-given rights of every human. Enormous changes are occurring all across the planet, and a return to the old order, where authoritarian regimes forcefully suppress and oppress their citizens, is now impossible.

Love always forgives errors. by John Smallman 02/07/2016
Saul Audio Blog for Sunday February 7th

Humanity is at the tipping point. That is the point at which the balance between negative and positive, or more realistically between fear and Love, reverses. For eons humanity has lived in fear which is effectively a screen of egoic self-fascination that blocks the Light of Love. Love is the infinite energy field of creation in which everything ever created or to be created has its eternal existence, there is nowhere else! Fear is just a veil that you have hung between you and that infinite Light, placing yourselves in shadow. To be in the shadow is fearful because the Light is God, Life, and His loving embrace without which nothing can exist even for a moment. When you are in fear, in the shade, in the dark, you imagine monsters that might attack and kill you, and your imagination is very powerful. You believe in the darkness, the lack of Light, even though it is unreal, and so you build defenses to protect yourselves, thus adding to the darkness and to your sense of fear.

Separating yourselves from Source meant slipping beneath the imaginary veil and losing sight of Reality. Since that moment you have been trying to find your way back. But you felt guilty for separating from Source and feared that you would not be permitted to return. You then established many authoritarian bodies which concocted numerous rituals to placate and appease God Who you believed you had most seriously offended.

But God is Love and Love cannot be offended. Love gives of Itself limitlessly, eternally, and unconditionally, that is Its nature, and because you are also Love – remember, That is all there is! – so do you. However the veil has hidden the Truth, the Light, the Love that is God from you. And because you yourselves caused the apparent separation from your Source you are filled with guilt and fear.

Message from the Arcturian Group 2/7/16
Dear ones, we greet you in love with information and encouragement regarding your spiritual journey. For most of you, all is proceeding according to plan even when it seems nothing is happening. The process of clearing everything old and finished while integrating the new involves time and energy for the human form and this often manifests as a lack of energy, tiredness, and malaise. Honor the process by allowing yourselves to rest more.

The moment an individual chooses to evolve no matter how many years or lifetimes ago it may of been, the "train leaves the station". Many of you specifically chose to be here at this time of powerful ascension energy in order to complete any remaining third dimensional lessons and "graduate".

This is why some of you have had so many painful and difficult experiences during your life. Know that the moment you say "Show me the way." and began to seriously seek truth, you are giving permission for whatever remaining experiences may be necessary for your full awakening.

Revisit the most painful experiences with your now more evolved awareness and ask; "What did I learn from this?" You may well find yourselves blessing and thanking those who gave you your most difficult times for these experiences serve to force an examination of one's belief system followed by an ability and willingness to begin releasing whatever concepts and beliefs were involved in the situation.

It is time to let go of whatever traditions, rituals, and actions you may still believe necessary for your spiritual growth. This belief imbues things or actions in the outer with power they do not innately have as all power is within. In the beginners journey, the tools are important and serve as a bridge to deeper awareness. Once an individual attains the consciousness of all power being within, he no longer needs the tools, they have served their purpose.

Message from Blossom Goodchild 2/7/16
Hello, my friends. It seems many people enjoyed your meditation last week. Thank you. I have been wondering where you would like to take things from here?

Welcome to you and All. We are very much aware of the fact that you are keen to continue on in this fashion and yet, today perhaps we should steer the course onto another matter that we feel maybe of interest?

By all means.

Today we would be keen to speak of that which confuses the mind often. This concerns the subject of protocol?

Protocol? Oh! Um … regarding what?

Regarding that which allows the soul-self to perform that which it feels it can’t!
Such as?

A thousand things could be named. All one has to do, is think of something they think is impossible that they would like to accomplish (On a soul level … On any level) and there you have number one!

YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT ... INDOCTRINATED … TO BE LIMITED … Because, it serves those who wish you to FEEL this way. It is as if a brick wall has been built around the ‘Spirit –Self’ which seems impossible to break down. Too bigger job! So, one plods along … under par … always very much under par. Even when one thinks they are on top form some days … in our eyes … they are very much functioning … UNDER PAR ... UNDER POWER … from the Truth and possibilities that they are capable of Being!

It is our desire to assist you in breaking down this wall … so that you can BE FREE!

Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings by GaiaPortal 2/7/16

Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.

Energetic lamp postings are conveyed in confidence.

Stargate potentials are expanded.

Forefronts of discovery are transcended.

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Being Present with the Creator by Mother Mary Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 5th February 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
Greetings, I am the consciousness of Mother Mary, I come forth to share my Creator expression and insights with you. My mission is to support you in integrating your spiritual wisdom, knowledge and insights with your physical reality and every day experiences.

The Earth is such a beautiful distraction from the divine Creator which exists within your being, or so it seems. The way dramas, situations and experiences unfold whether you deem them as positive or negative is extremely beautiful and magnificent. Your experiences and situations literally pour from your being for you to feel, see and acknowledge, this is such a wonderful process. However, to you it can seem as if the Earthly reality is constantly distracting you from your truth, creating obstacles and disruptions which lead you away from your spiritual practices and existing in a spiritual way. Some people may be angry with the Earthly reality because it leaves little time for communion with the Creator. To cast all interaction with and responsibilities within the physical reality away, to exist as a detached individual who is completely devoted to connecting with the Creator, may s eem like the most appropriate pathway at this time, to heal all pains and fulfil the passion within you to be as one with the Creator. However, to do so is to completely misjudge the purpose of the Earth and your presence upon her.

The Earth is not distracting you with its responsibilities, work and the desires of others, it is you who are creating and participating in these distractions. The first reason is because of an inner resistance to surrender to be as one with the Creator. The second is because you have forgotten how to be present with the Creator. The Earth is a space for you to commune with the Creator within you as well as the Creator aspects within other people, this is the truth although it has been forgotten. In its place the belief of the Earth being a hard, painful and an all-consuming place to live has been accepted and manifested by you and others. When you accept as a belief that the Earth is a space to commune with the Creator in every present moment then you begin to allow yourself the space to experience such a reality.

Message from Mike Quinsey 2/5/16

Events that will affect your future and be beneficial for you continue to take place, mostly out of your sight. However, there will come a time during the course of this year when you shall learn of the benefits brought about by the changes. It is known that a revaluation of currency is foremost in your minds, and it has taken considerable time to bring countries together in agreement to the changes. There are now sufficient of them for it to brought forward, and there has never been a time when it has achieved such progress. You may therefore be sure that revaluation is in its final stages. Meanwhile more inventions are seeing the light of day, and it is only a matter of time before they start to be released. Be assured that the changes are well under way and too far forward to be halted. Ways of producing free energy have been available for some time and now even more devices are being revealed. Their ultimate use and availability is approaching, but the Illuminati are still trying to prevent their distribution. It will not always remain in this situation as your evolution cannot be held back indefinitely.

Difficult times lie ahead and are inevitable as major changes occur, and commence to alter your way of life from drudgery to one that releases you from it. There are so many changes coming that raise your quality of life to levels that you should have enjoyed by the end of the last century. In what will seem a relatively short time you will have gone ahead in leaps and bounds, until you reach levels that lift you of the old patterns of struggle. The most acceptable and welcome change will be when you are assured of world peace, and the fruits of your labours are used for the benefit of everyone. The biggest gain will be to have sufficient time to follow your own interests, and have the financial means to do so. Life will be become vastly different to what you are presently used to. No longer will Mother Earth be looked upon as a prison planet, and the curfew that you have lived under will in time be lifted. You become free souls and able to follow your own pathway without obstruction.

Generation of Gaia harmonics accelerate by GaiaPortal 2/4/16

Generation of Gaia harmonics accelerate.

Resets of missed opportunities begins for all of hu-manity levels.

Stellar participations are requested and granted.

Ultra-fine lineals permeate the bodies.

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Current Events – The Council by Ron Head 2/4/16
Today we would like to discuss current events with you, not news items, but the things that are going on in your lives. We’ll just dive right into it.

You have been told to expect a lot of things in your lives. And we have repeatedly told you that the important things were what is happening to your inner being and the rest would happen as a result of that. We told you that your outer world could not be anything but a reflection of the inner. The word ‘soon’ became something of a joke. “Oh no! Not ‘soon’ again!” And we said that the changes were happening ‘now’ but had not surfaced yet.

Well, the surfacing has begun. Now we will mention several instances here but we caution you that thinking that you have been left out should obviously be avoided. Each of these we mention happened almost overnight, and you are each on a different journey from anyone else. What will your tomorrow bring?

Some are suddenly finding that they are beginning to communicate with people who are not in body any longer. Some are speaking with the animals around them. Many are beginning to wonder what all of the lights around them are. Many more are saying, “Don’t tell me about sunspots and energies. I felt them before you knew about them.” Many are having to learn to deal with energies, feelings in public places, that they never noticed before. And more.

So your changes have now reached a degree that is causing the results to surface into your awareness. It is OK for you to be surprised, even excited at first. But be discreet and learn to feel at ease with whatever you find. Understand that, in terms of the greater being that we have told you that you are, these are not new at all. You are merely bringing to the front of your consciousness what you have earned well in prior times. Now it will begin to show you a bit more of an answer to your perennial question, “Why am I here?” And it should also serve to indicate to you that you indeed are all that we have often said you are.

This has been a short message today, but we took the opportunity rather than miss it. To those who are already seeing these changes, congratulations. To those who are still waiting, just be aware that you too are far more than you know. Your time is now here.

Good day.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 2/2/2015
8 Etznab, 11 Yax, 12 Manik
Dratzo! Everything continues to move forward. This very complex process is being carefully guided by a series of new security measures to ensure quality control. This has been added to by the irregularities of a number of banks and other such institutions that serve as the appointed monitors for the various ancient families and European royals that are part of this operation. We expect for this whole process of special wires and deliveries to take less than a month. We simply ask that you remain patient and ready to put your blessings in safe and secure bank accounts, which you have privately prepared for this process. The present governments are on their last legs and we expect to hear the required announcements shortly. This series of developments are to pave the way for our first public announcements concerning the mass landings. We first want to give you a general explanation of what we intend to do. Then we want to give you a basic understanding of our mentor program.

There has been a millennia-long interrelationship between surface humanity, Agartha and us. This secret project is now reaching a point where it can easily be made public. The dark cabal understands what this sudden disclosure means. It is one that threatens to collapse the contrived realm built since the end of your Second World War. In the past sixty years a secret global government has grown up, dedicated to forming a permanent dictatorship. This massive effort is presently being dismantled by your brave and dedicated actions to support the Light’s agenda. The rising consciousness of this realm has made all of this possible. This process has been aided, too, by the many actions of the Agarthans to ensure that a new financial system is to be the precursor for new worldwide governance. All of this gives us signs that quite soon we can at last formally contact you! Our liaisons, which are serving among those groups that are dedicated to your triumph, are quite confident that a new world is being quickly manifested.

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Secret Space Programs Disclosure Petition by Cobra 2/2/16

A petition has been created for full disclosure of all Secret Space Programs and for release of all hidden technologies for the benefit of humanity.

The Light forces have asked as many people as possible to sign this petition as soon as possible, and make it viral through their networks:

You can sign the petition anonymously if you feel so guided. If we reach at least 25,000 signatures, I will try to get this petition to Putin's desk through my contacts.

Victory of the Light!

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Forestations of energetics are completed by GaiaPortal 2/1/16

Forestations of energetics are completed.

Illuminations of planetary families are begun.

Prognostications of old are dissolved.

Recognitions of Higher Intents begins.

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As your awakening process continues it will become increasingly apparent that there are no problems. by John Smallman 1/31/16
Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday January 31st

Here in the spiritual realms we continue to watch with joy as humanity collectively strengthens and intensifies its intention to awaken from the illusion. Within the illusion signs of the awakening are apparent all over the world, pay attention to them because doing so uplifts and inspires you further strengthening that intent. The strength of your intent is important and powerful, and to simply reset it further intensifies it. You want to awaken, so focus on doing that.

All across the world people are doing that in increasing numbers, while others are engaging in group prayer and meditation sessions for world peace. You are always heard and deeply honored for holding these intents and events, and they are very effective. God's Will is for humanity's happiness, and therefore so is yours because all are One; there is no separation.

However, you can choose to continue playing the game of separation and intend to have a will that is not in alignment with God's. But, that will, like the illusion, is unreal. Yes, within the illusion it seems to be possible to hold an intent, a will that is at variance with the divine Will, and it does produce results within the illusion that are in opposition to the Will of God. Doing that is like drawing the blinds to shut out the Light of God's Love for you, enveloping you in darkness that give rise to much unnecessary suffering, suffering that because it is so painful is then projected out on to others in the form of attacks.

HILARION'S WEEKLY MESSAGE January 31-February 7, 2016

Beloved Ones,

Upon you, Beloved Ones, rest the strength and stability of your world. You are the adventurers stepping into the unknown and bravely experiencing every moment of it. As you do this you are setting the template of the new Earth reality. As more of you take up this mantle, your Light and the Light in the world grows exponentially. We have said this many times before but it bears repeating often, for it is easy to forget as the affairs of the world around you catch you in their dramas, of which there are many. Repeat to yourselves often that you ARE the Light and that is your true identity.

The world you live on is very rich and there are enough resources for all but there are those who feel that only they must be in control of all of it. This is going to rapidly change as we venture further into the flow of the cosmic energies. As the energies of love grow ever stronger, hearts that have been closed will begin to open and these ones, too, will begin to change their ways as they realize a better way to live and be. There will be more cooperation and willingness to listen to the voices of protest that grow ever more demanding and insistent on justice and true equality for all who live and move upon this world. It will become a world that supplies the needs of all. This of course, will take some time, but the end result and outcome will be a happy one.

Continue to believe in magic and see it! Many of you are capturing the wonders of the world around you in pictures and sharing these amongst yourselves and with many who never contemplated or were open to explore new ideas and concepts such as the presence of other forms of life that exist in the same space as they. These pictures are opening up their consciousness in ways that were not possible before. As you share these gifts of wonder, many wonderful changes begin to take place within each individual who gazes upon them. This opens them to re-experience the joy and wonder that they used to feel and experience when they were but children and will return these qualities to them in abundance.